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July 2024 Channel log

1. Custom API that blocks content older than 30 days on youtube, so promoted videos are up to date on main timeline.

2. Preventing users from signing up using spam and fake emails.

3. Admin feature that allows us to add banners and auto delete with scheduled time frame. 

4. Banner analytics that will track engagement based on IP, Time, User and Location.  

5. Added audio podcast playlist to slider shortcut. 

6. Added saved episodes to slider shortcut

June 2024 Channel log

1. Network ad system was created in the admin dashboard.  

2. Video expand feature was added to highlighted episodes. 

3. Highlighted podcast icons area space was reduced. 

4. Slider effect shows user where to slide on the time line. 

5. Thumbnail icon overlay was fixed to match all video thumbnails. 

May 2024 Channel log

1. Created a direct URL for channels

2. Auto-delete 30-day-old posts

3. Added share option on slider video

4. Added show/hide password (eye button) for register and login password

5. Auto-remove spaces from username

6. Fixed profile upload

7. Added cropper on registration steps

8. Rounded share profile image

9. Fixed timezone for scheduled notifications

April 2024 channel log

1. Thumbnails smaller so it has 2 smaller icons on the timeline 

2. Updated home button and its width (Subscribe To Promote ) 

3. Change image size of 1 slider and round corners on home page

4. Only the verified users can share content

5. Accurate youtube API view count each video stream on cpnent

6. Verified Member pop up when non verified users try to share content

5. Chat mention, notification and one signal API 

6. Move the share your link section to the navigation bar

7. Back button on notifications 

8. Watch later icons for posts 

9. Fixed DNS of all websites after IP change

Dec 2023 Channel log

1. Image Slider/Carousel: Your website now features a rotating selection of images on the homepage, showcasing the best of what you offer.

2. Admin Panel Controls: Full control over the banner images is in our hands. Through the admin panel  we can easily add, update, and delete the banners as needed.

 3. YouTube import system has been added. 

4. Added cloudflare CDN

5. Installed node.js

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