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Welcome to Cool People Network, a media outlet that provides podcast streaming. We created a community that focuses on quality over quantity. If you enjoy podcast, have a podcast or looking to start one CPN is a great place to be.

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Alexander Bridgeforth

“ Sometimes when you want to do something great it requires time. You also need to consider listening, studying, investing, and mentorship. Providing those on a journey with a solid place to learn and be entertained was my idea. I like to call this the Netflix’s Of Podcast, a true one stop shop for POD Heads. “


We wanted to focus on simplicity and straight to the point UI/UX. This is a podcast blog with moderated content and reaction only engagement.

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We want to avoid bot behavior and unnecessary content. With custom api integration this will help block post from non-verified users and spam accounts. Join today and lock in a low price to promote your content.

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People who empower themselves don't mind listening to others.

We have a reaction only timeline, so rest assured nothing negative is being said about you on CPN.

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All views generated from CPN will credit the original YouTube Channel that uploaded the content. We want to solve the issue of content suppression.

We love highlighting content from the podcast community, so tune in to CPN Top 10. You never know what clips are trending.

Go watch our live broadcast streaming podcast 24/7 with the option to chat live with users. Lets call it a podcast watch party!

Don’t have Youtube Premium no worries, you can watch all our podcast Ad Free on CPN. Skipping Ads can be a headache!

A true one stop shop for podcast

The podcast industry is exploding and we wanted to be a part of it. Taking the best of the best and consolidating them from the rest made so much sense. But also allowing the rising stars to take action was a great avenue. We can’t find them all so opening a window for users to help was a great idea.

How does this platform Help me?

We do not suppress content and solely operate as a blog which means no content is uploaded. We only allow imported content to eliminate content piracy. All views will credit the original source which is your YouTube account. 

Does it cost to be on the network?

It’s 100 % free to watch content on the platform. It does cost to promote content, you must verify your account first. We only allow verified  users to share their latest episodes here. All post shared will post in chronological order.  

How canI get my channel on CPN?

You must make sure you have at least 10 episodes, updated playlist that’s only full episodes, clean cover art, and fall under the categories we cater to. I.E we don’t focus on short form content like reels. 

Do you pay content creators here?

We don’t compensate users, we are a blog that help promote your content and increase your YouTube metrics. All views count so if your content meet YT’s criteria we want to help get you get closer to your monetary metrics. 

Do you offer brand advertisement?

While we do have banner space and push notifications, no ads will be floating on the site. We may role out in house video ads for promoted and blog post. All channel videos will remain ad free. Creatively we want to help others grow and keep a clean user experience in the process. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely, no problem at all just login to your account and cancel its simple. But keep in mind you’ll lose your badge and won’t be able to post anything but you can still watch content 100 % free. And the price may increase to promote the larger the community gets.

Welcome to CPNent the coolest place to stream podcast entertainment. 

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