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With this Membership we are excited to start a relationship that benefits you and the network. We market your content on CPNent to help gain exposure and build your metrics with organic views. When it comes to business you must set aside a marketing budget that will allow others to work for you. We will assure you that we are working everyday to promote the network and the content. Get Verified today and take advantage of a thriving network. Promote content on a 30 day revolving timeline, No ads to distract users, No hassle submission - Import YouTube Links directly to the community. Receive a blue check to verify your account as a CPN Member. Our timeline is in chronological order (the arrangement of videos is based on the time they are imported.)  Your post will remain on the timeline for 30 days. Our custom Api will automatically delete post over 30 days of age. Sometimes in order to stand above the rest you must do these things: Invest, Stay Consistent, Promote, and Believe in the Brand.

The price for membership is $5.00 per Month.

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