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Terms Of Service

By using Cool People Network you agree to the terms listed below. We hold the right to Temporarily ban or terminate your account at any time if you go against our network rules. 

– No soliciting, if you don’t add a profile page with 24-72 hours of creating your account it may be deleted from the network. We want to maintain a professional look for the network. 

– All Content is provided from verified memebers only.

– If you register without a legitimate name and email address your account may be banned from the network. 

– Content that goes against our community guidlines are subject to deletion. Violent, racist, threating videos, and anything not in the field of music and podcast may be reviewed and deleted. 

– We are a import only media platform so all post are soley imported from youtube. All views are organic and contribute to your metrics based on youtubes view policy. 

Welcome to CPNent the coolest place to stream podcast entertainment. 

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